The stone that killed  Goliath

The stone that killed Goliath

The stones you see around you might be an ordinary stone to you, but to Angels it is called an Error corrector, the stone is used in the Bible to raise altar.


1. FAITH: Anytime you have a David there is a Goliath that must go down, no matter how big your challenges is your faith can over ride it.
As long as you are alive you must be a man or woman of faith.
If your faith can say yes, God will not say No.
There is nothing you cannot do if your faith is activated, your faith  will level the mountain first.
If your faith says No even if you pray for 10 hours  nothing will happen.

2. OBEDIENCE: (1SAMUEL 17:20) If David didn't obey his father he wouldn't have had the opportunity to conquer Goliath.
"Obedience is the hall mark of achievement".
Obey your parents, your Spiritual parents, obey your husband, obey Divine instruction (Isaiah 1: 19) Greatness is attached to instructions.
Obedience is better than shedding tears, obedience is better than explanation.

3. SERVICE: ( 1 SAM 17: 26-29) You must be ready to render services because before you get the best out of life, life must get the best out of you.
There was a question " what shall be given to the man who brings down Goliath?  that means service must be rendered before receiving reward. " You are a thief if you reap where you did not sow" David was ready to render service.

4. PRAYER:(1SAM 17: 45) Anytime you carry a stone in your hand make sure you are saying something.
"Prayer is the last resort of a dying man"
Anytime man fail you switch to prayer.
Pray even when you don't know why you are praying.

5. GIFT OF THE HOLYGHOST: That one that is working for you continue with it, David said I will not practice what has not been tested.
It is not every business that will work for you.
Be yourself stop trying to be someone else.
If it is not your calling then leave it.its not every advice you should take some advice have there selfish interest attached to it.
It worked for others, it may not work for you.


1. To protect the integrity of God: The integrity of God was insulted that is why God dealt with the Phillistines.
God's integrity can not be tampered with.
Even if God refuses to fight for the Israelites he must fight to redeem his name because his integrity was insulted.
God's integrity is in his convenant.
God can use anything to authenticate his convenant with you.
[1:18 PM, 11/7/2021] Venita Media: 2. TO DEAL WITH THE SPIRIT OF FEAR AND INTIMIDATION: Your greatest enemy is dear and what you are afraid of is equally afraid of you.

Different meaning of fear

1. F- false        
    E- Evidence
    A- Appearing
    R- Real

2 .  F- Forget
      E- Everything
      A- And
      R- Run

3.   F- Fight
      E- Everything
      A- And
      R- Remain
You must throw stone to conquer fear. satans strategy to paralyse you is the spirit of  fear.

3. Because someone is about to be promoted: Until Uzaih died Isaiah's eyes couldn't see the Lord.
For David to Become a king Goliath had to die.
Somebody's challenge makes you a champion that's why you must be careful with what God gave to you.
One person's fall can effect another person's rise.
Somebody's trouble must give birth to another person's testimony.
" Anytime God wants to lift you he creates a scene".
If pharoah didn't have a dream, Joseph would not have become a prime minister.


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