The lion has prevailed

The lion has prevailed



Jesus is called the lamb that takes away the sins of the world but it was not the lamb that prevailed. He is called the dove of the spirit but it was not the dove that prevailed. It was the lion that prevailed.

To approach destiny, to make impact and to assess greatness you must behave like a lion. Life is a warfare. You must have a lionic mentality.


Any day you agree to make impact that is when battles will rise from every corner. If you want to be great get ready to fight battles.

There is a lionic dimension of God. To make impact you must understand there's a lionic part of God.

If you don't want to make impact please accept defeat but if you want to make a difference you must understand that there are battles to fight.

Speaker: Evang. Dr.  Gospel Agochukwu

Topic: The lion has prevailed

Text: Revelation 5:5


You must not be a Lilliputian or somebody of no worth. You must have a lion's heart and lions characteristics. No great man is a gentleman. Behind every greatness is brutality and focus. The Bible said "since the days of John the Baptist the kingdom suffereth violence and the violent take it by force". To make impacts you must take it by Force.


Gentility is a problem spiritually. It is an affliction spiritually. If you are too gentle you cannot settle. Life does not celebrate calmness. The Bible said "there was war in heaven". If there can be war in heaven, then there can also be war on earth.  Every man or woman have a book. A bookless man is a useless man. Your impact on earth is directly proportional to what have been written about you. There is something written about you. Your name is as a result of what was written concerning you. People establish the meaning of your name on your destiny. Greatness and impact is about what is written. If your book is close your destiny is close.


Anything you will be or ought to be was written in the beginning.

When Satan tempted Jesus he made the reference to what was written about Jesus when he said "if you are the son of God".

There is something God has written about you that is why you must persevere. So many people are struggling because they have not understood what was written about them.

Many people are suffering because their book is closed. Why do people suffer, why do people pass through setbacks, it is because their book is closed.


 If your book is close you cannot make impact. The day Mordecai's book was opened his greatness was announced. When a book is close it means a chapter is closed.

If you have a book is means you have a future, destiny and impact. It does not matter your age all you need is for your book to open. You don't judge a book by its cover you have to open the book.

Some quarrel is not necessary if your book is open. Poverty sponsors controversy. There is a way you carry yourself certain quarrel will not be necessary.



A lion is brave

If you want to make impact you must be brave. Humility is not timidity. Timidity is not gentility. You must be brave in everything you do. Braveness is taking risks.


A lion roars :- Prov. 28:1 , Ps. 81:10 , Amos 3:8 , Hos. 1:11

As a child of God your roaring is your prayer life. Prayer is not an activity it is a lifestyle. Your voice is the compass of your destiny. Your mouth is gate pass of your life.


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