Holy ghost Baptism - Rev. Jousha Talena

Holy ghost Baptism - Rev. Jousha Talena

The HolyGhost is not a product from God, the Holy Ghost is a God.

In creation he became God, In earth he became Jesus, when he wanted to live in us he became the Holy Spirit.

God cannot multiply himself unless he becomes a spirit.

The Holy Ghost compress, time, distance, space and matter.

The Holy Ghost is not Power, he came to introduce power.

God became Holy Ghost to do many things at a time

Assists us to download God to our Generation.

Assists the work of redemption in the life of a Christian.

God lives, in eternity, eternity lives in God.

Heaven is not God's place; the body of a believer is God's place.

Every believer is a mobile shrine.

The believer has the capacity to download God into his spirit. (1John 1: 5)

The only molecule to describe God is light (1timothy 6:16)

God Tabernacles in himself, that is why any being that comes close to God will seize to exist.

Science demystifies a little way of how Yahweh looks like.

When God created the animals, fishes, birds he spoke to the earth, when God created humans he spoke to himself.

Human was procreated in the belly of Yahweh.

Who is man? - Man is God hid in dust, man is as old as God.

Man is an offspring of a dirty. The Holy spirit is the activator of our spiritual sense (1 Corinthians 2:14)

Strengthens the force of interaction.

We are alive in God by the Spiritual awakening of the Holy Ghost.

- Puts oracular auctions.

You speak in the capacity of Yahweh.

Your speedometer in the Spiritual is high

- Brings transformation and transition in our life.

- Brings meaning of scripture, in your life.

- Makes the word of God fruitful.

- Makes you worship God with meaning.

-The Holy Ghost is not just an instrument of transformation but helps us to function in our divinity to overwhelm your humanity.



Divinity in humanity is the signature of the spirit in human activity Any man who operates on divinity is a trade of paranormal activities. Divinity in humanity is the display of eternity on temporal matter.

-It is the agency of the spirit, that makes us transcend barriers

- Divinity in humanity is the consumption of natural tendency so that the Spiritual frequency becomes normal to operation. Nothing spiritualizes a believer like the Holy Ghost.

We don't struggle to function in the realms of spirituality. Divinity in humanity is Godliness in human images.

The massive poop of an elephant is not a prayer point, that is his nature, the nature of human is divinity.

The Mordus Operandi of the holy ghost assists us to live the life of spirituality, when you take a believer out of spirituality he becomes vulnerable (Rom 8:6) (Rom 8:13)

Spirituality is your originality. In height of your spirituality your enemies are helpless.

Spirituality is the intensity of divinity around your humanity.

The Holy Ghost is not a feeling or a dress sense, it is a realm and atmosphere.

The HolyGhost is the habitat of the believer. (Gen 1:22) Adam had the Spiritual sarcastic to relate with God. In spirituality God access you quicker, In carnality Satan access you quicker. (1sam19:18) In spirituality you are hidden in God. In spirituality you extend heavens intention in human activity.


1. SPIRITUAL HUNGER: The greatest blessing God can give you is hunger for him.

Hunger for God is a blessing, with hunger a believer can bring out civilization.

You are as deep as your hunger for God.

If you don't have hunger for God, you don't have future with God.

Elijah changed a generation with hunger.

Every man that saw the death of God was driven by hunger.

Men of hunger are not graceless; they carry the depth of God's grace.

When men can't give there is not hunger

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