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Raw Power, Raw Miracle

Raw Power, Raw Miracle

2. Power is the perceptible representativeness of dominion.
3. Power is the super in position of strange influence to change condition, location, situation, and position in favour of the demonstrator.
4. Power is the vaccine of a believer against the polio of shame.
5. Power is the driving license of all travellers on earth. Without it your destiny will be thwarted.
6. Power is the runway of every aircraft of faith. Power makes your faith take off.
7. Power is the invasion of immortality, infinity, divinity, eternity, and the spirituality of time, space and matter.

When you receive power;
You move from the terrestrial to the celestial.
You move from mortality to immortality.
When a man receives power, he controls affairs.


Recompense means to pay in return, in equivalent to what the enemy has done to you.
Recompense is greater than Vengeance. Man goes for vengeance while God recompenses.
Recompense is killing the first born of Egypt for holding the Israelites captive.
Recompense is Jezebel being eating up by dogs for killing God's prophets.
Recompense is maggots eating up the body of Herold for killing the lord's anointed.
Recompense Is God paying your enemies by all means for whatever they must have done to you.

The whole promises of God is past, all we ask of God has already been given unto us. He already blessed us before now. But for us to translate what has been given unto us by him spiritually into physical, a prophet must show up.
God lives in eternity, and eternity is a forever existence.

A. Supernatural solution is a spiritual prescription for unpredictable human battles. Anytime God wants to give you a supernatural solution, he gives you a spiritual prescription to handle human battles.
B. Supernatural solution is heaven's sedating damaging conditions.
C. Supernatural solution is the demonstration of Heavenly interpolation, spiritual engrossment, and angelic battle over
D. Supernatural solution is the protest match of God's company to interrupt every unscriptural development in your life.
E. Supernatural solution is the act of defiling human limit.

Remain Blessed......

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